Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Organizing Files


1. The value of being organized.

 Contributes to better research and recording research results

 Allows the individual to save time in the research and recording


 Helps the individual find information quickly

 Provides a place to store and keep your files

 Establishes a consistent system not random and scattered

 Reduces frustration and loss of information

2. Many different ways to organizing your files

 Need to find the method that works best for you. Your system will

change over time with experience

 Should be a simple and consistent filing method

 Learn from other individuals systems and take parts that work for


 Use both paper and electronic files. Your system should work for


3. The how and why of organizing files.

 You need to understand the different type files you want to organize

 If you use both paper and electronic, they should be set up the same

 Begin organizing what you have

 Using manila folders, 3 ring binders

 Do you have a file cabinet, portable carriers to keep physical files

 Color coding files that match pedigree and generation charts

 Organize as you go

 Stick to your system

4. Suggestions that will help with your organization

 Start with what you know about your family. Family group sheet

record for each file

 Label each file by the family name

 When a family member marries you begin a new file for that family


 Keep good notes (both paper and digital). Note taking should be the

same. Keep a file for your notes with each family group

 You need pedigree charts for each family group

 Keep accurate research logs for each family group. It is important to

keep good records of the research you have done, where it is kept,

and how to access it. Especially that information you may have put

on your computer. It is important to have copy in your paper files

 You will keep photo copies of source documents in each file. The

photo copies should include pictures and artifacts

 Continue adding to document files

 Your goal is to organize your files so you can find the information


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