Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ancestral Quest by Michael Kennedy 2016

Pahvant Family History Conference
Ancestral Quest Syllabus

Instructor:           Michael A. Kennedy
Program Manager
    IV.            Description
a.       Incline Software are the makers of Ancestral Quest and PAF.  If you are familiar with PAF then the learning curve to understand the latest features of Ancestral Quest will be easy.  Ancestral Quest is a full partner with and fully integrated with FamilySearch.  It is the easiest and most versatile genealogy program on the market.  This course will demonstrate how to integrate your family records in FamilySearch, use its capabilities to automatically update your records from FamilySearch, and simplify the process of taking your family names to the temple.  No other product allows for easier merging of duplicate records, correcting FamilySearch errors and tracking your research.
      V.            Organization
a.       This is a lecture course using a PowerPoint presentation demonstrating some of the many features of Ancestral Quest and how to collaborate with others.   The course will be interactive where you can present your real live questions and experiences.  The course is designed for beginners to advanced.
    VI.            Topics
a.       Emphasis on Ancestral Quest features:
                                                               i.      Structure and Navigation
                                                             ii.      Some of the advanced features such as merging duplicates, FamilySearch integration and how to automate updates.  How to auto check for updates on temple name submissions.  How to roll back changes.
                                                            iii.      Database check and repair
                                                           iv.      Ordinance Reservation and Tracking System
                                                             v.      Integration with and other search sites.
                                                           vi.      Bookmarks and Tags
                                                          vii.      Where to check for Possible Duplicates and merge the duplicate record to your master record

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