Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Create and Share an Interactive Family History

Create and Share an Interactive Family History
We all have photos hanging on our walls and many in our family room. Just think how much attention you could get from your children and grandchildren if your photos could speak to them when they stand in front of the photo. Even better, the photo can make it possible (using a QR Code on the photo) to play a little movie or slideshow. (you’ve seen QR codes on packages and at the BYU Family History Library – they look like little squares full of  black dots).
Sound impossible, expensive, or hard? You will be amazed at how simple this is to achieve and everything you need to use is FREE! You will be taught how to do this at home on your computer.
You will also see and learn how to turn any calendar into a talking family history calendar.
Two goals for this class:
  1. Get kids and grandchildren interested in family history in a fun and interesting way. 
  2. Eliminate the need for a computer to see the video and hear the stories. All they need is a smartphone (and they or their parents will have the phone). You can also easily project audio or video stories to your TV in the same room. The device to do this is only $35 dollars at BestBuy but you only need this if you want to use your TV.
It’s OK to be skeptical – seeing is believing – so please come to the class. It’s not rocket science – you really can do this even if you are a novice computer user. There is also a webinar you can watch online that has all the steps.

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