Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lisa Ratzlaff Classes 2016

Finding Your Cousins
What do you do when your genealogy is "all done"? Find out why you would want to find your ancestors' descendants. Learn the five steps of finding your cousins using and FamilySearch Family Tree, FamilySearch Historical Records, and Find where to start for the most success. Come find your cousins!

Basic Training: Finding Your Ancestor in Military Records
Fall into formation! At ease! As part of your basic training, you will be introduced to the paper trail of military records (in triplicate), learn what records are available, what they may contain, and where to find them.

Tapping Your Inner Sherlock: Sleuthing Records
Take a leaf from Sherlock Holmes to get the most out of historical records. Use the same methods Sherlock used to see if a record matches your ancestor and to find all the clues a record holds. Discover how one record can lead to other records, and how putting records together gives more information.

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