Monday, August 31, 2015

2015 Pahvant Valley Family History Conference

Theme: Shall we not go on in so great a cause?

Register using the form at the bottom of this post.

Saturday, September 26, 2015. 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
Millard High School - 200 West Center Street, Fillmore, Utah (map)

$7.50 for printed, bound syllabus with all handouts.
$6.00 for lunch at the stake center (across from Millard High).

8:00 - 8:45      Registration - Main Hallway
8:45 - 10:15    Keynote Speaker Ron Tanner - Auditorium (bio)
10:30 - 11:30  Breakout Session 1
11:30 - 11:45  Break
11:45 - 12:45  Breakout Session 2
12:45 - 1:45    Lunch and Drawings - Stake Center Cultural Hall
1:45 - 2:45      Breakout Session 3
2:45 - 3:00      Break
3:00 - 4:00      Breakout Session 4

Sessions (subject to change)

Breakout Session 1
Band Room: How to Solve Family Tree Problems. Instructor: Ron Tanner. (bio) (description)
Home Ec. Room: Turning Hearts with Priesthood Leadership. Instructors: Fillmore, Utah Stake Presidency.
Turner's Room: Family Stories with the Whole Family. Instructor: Marlo Schultz. (bio) (description)
Computer Room: Family Tree Basics part 1. Instructor: Allyson Wood. (description and handouts for all four parts)

Breakout Session 2
Band Room: RootsMagic 7. Instructor: Renee Zamora. (bio) (description) (handout)
Home Ec. Room: Sleuthing Records. Instructor: Lisa Ratzlaff.
Turner's Room: Using FamilySearch and Instructor: Sandra Jarvis. (bio) (description) (handout)
Computer Room: Family Tree Basics part 2. Instructor: Allyson Wood.
Science Room: Tips for Setting up a Youth Program. Instructors: Melissa Robison and Sylvia Wall.

Breakout Session 3
Band Room: Legacy Family Tree. Instructor: Leonard Plaizier. (bio) (description) (handout)
Home Ec. Room: Elbow Relations. Instructor: Lisa Ratzlaff.
Turner's Room: US Census - Techniques and Strategies to Find Family. Instructor: Holly Hansen.
Computer Room: Family Tree Basics part 3. Instructor: Allyson Wood.

Breakout Session 4
Band Room: The Family History Guide.
Home Ec. Room: Military Records. Instructor: Lisa Ratzlaff.
Turner's Room: Using FamilySearch and Find My Past. Instructor: Sandra Jarvis. (bio) (description) (handout)
Computer Room: Family Tree Basics part 4. Instructor: Allyson Wood.

For more information, contact Tafta Watson: 435-743-5787,

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Syllabus for the 2016 Conference

FamilySearch Family Tree Syllabus  by Allyson Wood, includes notes for all of her classes.

Conference held Sep 26th in Fillmore

Please mark your calendars! We are pleased to announce that the 6th annual Pahvant Valley Family History Conference will be at Fillmore, Utah. It will be held at Millard High School.

This year we have a wonderful keynote speaker. He is Ron Tanner, Product Manager of FamilySearch. If you have heard Brother Tanner speak, you know he is knowledgeable, articulate, and very entertaining. He has sometimes been called the FamilySearch Comedian.

We are having wonderful classes for beginners to more advanced genealogists and family historians. There will also be a strand of classes for our youth with classes specifically for them. We are trying to have a special activity for the youth the last hour of the conference. Details will come soon.

We will also have a class to help youth leaders.  We will share what we have done, give suggestions on how you can help the youth in your ward and stake have the blessings and fun of participating in family history work.

There will be classes for everyone so mark your calendar and plan on attending.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Family History Conference

The 2015 Pahvant Valley Family History Conference will be held in Fillmore this year on Sep 26.  Please plan on meeting us there.  It should be another great conference.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

2014 Conference: Connect Your Cousins Past, Present and Future

Attend The Pahvant Family History Conference and learn how to strengthen your family across generations. Hear encouraging messages from experts in the industry and other speakers who will help inspire you to:

  • Seek out your ancestors 
  • Build your family tree
  • Discover and share your families’ stories
  • Research Strategies and help

  7:45 –  8:30 Registration in the commons area
  8:30 –  8:45 Opening Session - auditorium
  8:45 –  9:45 Keynote Speaker TC Christensen            
 9:45 – 10:10 Visit Vendor Booths - commons area
10:10 - 11:10 1st Session
11:10 – 11:30 Visit Vendor Booths
11:30 –  12:30 2nd Session
12:30 –  1:30 Lunch and visit Vendor Booths in the commons area
                      Demonstration - Heritage Collectors in the Library, Rm #104
  1:30 –  1:45 Drawings
  1:50 –  2:50  3rd Session
  2:55 –  3:15 Visit Vendor Booths
  3:15 –   4:15 4th Session

Session 1
Family Tree #1  By Allyson Wood  Computer Lab Rm #103   Users Guide  Clean and Source
Family History Made Easy (temple) by Paul Larsen
Deductive Reasoning and Logic By Hollie Hansen Ed Net Rm #105
Canadian Research By Veniece Lovell
Legacy (Organizing, Planning and Sharing) By Leonard Plaizier Rm#109 
Get to Know Your Geezers By Matthew Hovorka Rm #114

Session 2
Family Tree #2 By Allyson Wood Computer Lab Rm #103 Users Guide  Document Tracker: pdf 
Danish Research By Joan Fin & Hans Lovell Library Rm #104
Organizing Files/Quick Attach Sourcing Tool By Jodi Nielsen Ed Net Rm #105  Handouts
Ancestral Quest By Gaylon Findlay Rm #107 
Grandpa’s on My IPad (Social Media) By Janet Hovorka Rm#109
Beginning Research By Julie Hammons  Rm #114

Session 3
Adding Photos and Stories to Family Tree By Beth Ann Wiseman Computer Lab Rm #103
Fly Me to the Farm (Homestead Records) By Marlo Schuldt Library Rm #104
Roots Magic By Renae and Zamora  Ed Net Rm #105
What's Your Story? By Tafta Watson  Getting Started Ideas  52 questions  #107
Zap the Grandma Gap by Janet Hovarka Rm#109
English Research By Julie Hammons Rm #114

Session 4 By Vivian Rowlette  Computer Lab Rm #103
Scanning By Marlo Schuldt Library Rm #104
Roots Magic and Family Tree By Renae and Diana Zamora  Ed Net Rm #105  ?New
Legacy and Family Tree By Leonard Plaizier  #107
Ancestral Quest and Family Tree By Gaylon Findlay  #109
New England Research By Julie Hammons  Rm #114

Google Cheat Sheet
Record Selection Table
Desktop Programs With FamilySearch Family Tree
Document Tracker (research log and form for all kinds of documents for one person) Doc WP
FS FT Clean and Source   Doc  WP

Class Descriptions:
Class Presenter Bios:

Saturday, October 12, 2013


......Let us help you make some connections .....
Our annual conference will be held Sep 27, 2014 in Delta, Utah at the new high school.
It is an all day event from 8:30-4:30.  Please mark your calendars now to be
sure you will be able to attend.

You will want to plan now to spend the whole day, as this years "bigger and better" conference will have 24 classes offered.

This years Keynote Speaker will be Tom C. Christensen grew up in a family of 10 children in Layton, Utah. After serving an LDS mission in parts of Ohio and West Virginia
he studied filmmaking at Brigham Young University and the University of Utah. He and his wife Katy have two children. They make their home Centerville, Utah.

His films range from The Mouths of Babes in 1979 to Ephraim's Rescue in 2013. As an American filmmaker T.C. is best known for films about Latter-day Saint pioneers. Among
these are Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration and Emma Smith: My Story, Only A Stonecutter and the John Tanner Story.

On such films as the first Work and the Glory, Christensen's cinematography was considered by some to be by far the best part of the film. In the summer of 2011, 17 Miracles was released across the country. The film depicts the Willie and Martin handcart companies and their struggles and witnessed miracles as they traveled across the plains to Salt Lake City in 1856 and set new expectations for LDS genre theatrical films.

He has won more than 270 national and international awards for his work in writing, editing, directing and producing movies and in 2010 was invited to join the very prestigious, American Society of Cinematographers.

For Christensen, it’s all about telling stories that will make a difference in people’s lives. T.C.’s films deal with ideas and stories that tap into inner feelings and thus the spiritual dimension,” Keith Merrill a mentor and fellow filmmaker, said. “When the spirit touches your heart in the middle of a movie, as so often happens in a T.C. Christensen film, there is no question hearts are touched, lives are adjusted and they make a difference.”

Monday, September 9, 2013


Pahvant Valley Family History Conference #4
Saturday, October 12, 2013
Millard High School - Fillmore, Utah

8:30 - 3:30:  Pioneers in Your Closet - Scanning Records - Mail Hallway
8:30 - 9:00:  Registration  - Main Hallway
9:00 - 10:20:  Keynote Speaker - Stan Ellsworth - Auditorium

10:25 - 11:30:
......................  Stories and Photos - Change Our Hearts (?) - Michael and Dianne King  (Band)
......................  Organizing Your Family History Papers (?) - Sandra Jarvis (Home Ec)
.....................   Scanning Made Easier  (?) - Marlo Schuldt  (Art)
.....................   Successful Genealogy on the Internet (?) - Julie Hammons (Turner)
11:35 - 12:40:
.....................   What's Your Story?  Getting and Organizing ideas for a story or history(?) 52 Questions  Tafta Waton  (Band)
.....................   Research 1: Picking the Low Hanging Fruit (?) - Sandra Jarvis (Home Ec)
.....................   Digital Scrapbooking and Story Telling (?) - Marlo Schuldt (Art)
.....................  (FHC Edition) (?)  - Terry Erickson (Turner)
....................    Family Tree, Part 2 (?) - Tom and Cindy Urbon (Science) ( Photos, Stories, and Temple Ordinances)  

12:40 - 1:10:    Lunch and Drawings in the lunchroom

  1:10 - 2:15:
.....................   Elbow Relations (2)  (?) Lisa Ratzlaff  (Band)
....................    Research II, Researching for the Fruit Above (?) - Sandra Jarvis (Home Ec)
....................    Family Calendars and Family Cookbooks (?) - Marlo Schuldt (Art)
....................    Social Networking for Genealogists (?) - Julie Hammons (Turner)
....................    Family Tree, Part 1 (repeated class) (?) - Tom and Cindy Urbon (Science) (Science) (Introduction,  IndividualsRelationships, SourcesHelps and Resoures.  Research Log PDF)
....................    FamilySearch - A Treasure (?) - Terry Erickson (Home Ec)
....................    Moosh - Family History for the Family (?) - Kari Mitchell (Art)
....................    Why Use Land and Probate Records (?) - Julie Hammons (Turner)
....................    Family Tree, Part 2 (repeated class) (?) - Tom and Cindy Urbon (Science)  ( Photos, Stories, and Temple Ordinances)  

   3:30 - 3:45    Closing Evaluations - Auditorium

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Saturday, February 23, 2013

4th Annual Conference Planned

This ain't your Grandma's Genealogy

Working on Family History in today's world would have amazed your Grandma.  We have some amazing tools within reach.  Plan now to attend on Saturday, October 12, 2013 the 4th Annual Pahvant Valley Family History Conference in the Millard High School in Fillmore, Utah.

The conferences have been very helpful with classes ranging from beginning to advanced genealogists and family historians.  We look forward to the wonderful day which will highlight the importance of knowing the story of your ancestor's life.

We hope you will be able to attend.

Guest Speaker:  Stan Ellsworth

Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013 Guest Speaker: Stan Ellsworth

We are so excited that Stan Ellsworth will be speaking to us during the opening session of the 4th Annual Pahvant Valley Family History Conference/Fair.

Should be a fun "ride"!

Hope to see you all there.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Review of the 2012 Conference

 Tomorrows the day.  Hope you can make it!
Registration at 8:00
Conference 8:30-3:30

Following our keynote address by Glenn Rawson,(see the post below for more information about him) there will be five different classrooms where instruction will be held, as well as some displays helping you understand other aspects of genealogy not addressed in a formal class.  The classrooms and the classes held there are divided as follows:

Classroom #1:  Basic Genealogy Series
  A. Are There Special Rules in Genealogy?   by Dave/Manja Midgley.  Actually, yes, and this class will help you follow them. Putting commas in the location field or do I need to put in "USA" are just two of the questions you may be asking. This will answer many more for you, and help you understand the "why's" behind the rules.
  B. If You Want This .... Look Here  by Dave/Manja Midgley. Want to know someones birth date? You probably won't find it in a father's will, but there are a lot of places it may be found. This class will share where information is most likely to be found including places you may never have thought to look including high school or college student records. A very useful class.
  C.  You Know Their Names - Do You Know Their Story? by Dave/Manja Midgley.   Using the genealogy software, you can add all different kinds of events into a family members individual data, creating a timeline that can help you get to know and understand your ancestor more completely.  This class will help you get to know so much more about your ancestor if you implement what is taught and gather all information and include it.
  D.  Genealogy Software Programs - Which One Do I Choose? by Dave/Manja Midgley.  Well, that is totally a preference call, but in this class you will learn the real gems of each different affiliate program and you will be able to make an informed decision.

Classroom #2:  Computer Sills - hands of series  (held in the computer lab)  first 27 to sign up will be allowed to work on a computer.  Email us at
  A. Where Do I Start - by Karen Chatland. A beginners class to help you know exactly how to get started for the beginning genealogist as well as the different events you can add to your data or information. Giving you suggestions on how to become successful right of the bat. 
  B.  Basic Computer - by Carol Meinhardt.  We have had so many people comment that the computer scares them.  We have added a class that will just focus on the computer and how to use it for your best benefit.  Very little will be taught about how to do genealogy in this class, but will focus on how to use this great tool called a computer.
  C.  Blogging Basics - by Allyson H. Wood.  What better way than to go through your files, confirm your information is correct, and then getting it out there to share.  Class one will focus on the basics of getting a blog online and show you just how easy it is to do.  We will discuss how to make your blog easy to navigate, as well as ways to coordinate working with others to publish information there.  A good working use of the computer and scanner will be helpful in understanding the class but not mandatary to get you excited and "blogging" your own family site.
  D.  Advanced Blogging - by Allyson H. Wood.  Don't miss part one, because this is a continuation, not a repeat.  We will discuss how to link to your other blogs, move posts to a different location, and my favorite way of accessing all my family links on a blog meant for quick retrieval.  We will discus a couple of easy html codes not found in blogging software that you can add to make your blog more appealing.  We will share more information to help personalize your blogs, and how to add your document links to the sources in new.FamilySearch. Prepare to learn how to have hours and hours of fun, for a very worth while purpose.
.......... Clean up FS Form.
.......... "Prove It" Blog - must be imported into blog after it has been set up.

Classroom #3:  Verify/Digitize Series (computer lab)  first 27 to sign up will be allowed to work on a computer.   Email us at  We have been called the "Verify and Digitize Generation".  As we work together, and share our documents and information more quickly and easily, others will not have to trace the same steps you have walked.  They can, instead, move forward into less travelled or undiscovered territory. 
  A.  Photo and Document Scanning and Editing -by Mike Bringhurst.  Using free software, lear n how easy it is to scan your files, label them and share them digitally.  How great would it be if everyone could share their old photos and precious documents with everyone in the family and basically for free.
  B.  new.FamilySearch [part 1] - by Tom and Cindy Urban.  The Church sponsored program is ever changing and has so much to offer.  Get to know your way around it, its purpose and how to help get "the book of life" correct and up to date.
  C.  new.FamilySearch [part 2] - by Tom and Cindy Urban.  You may have had no idea how much genealogy help there is at this site, and you may be surprised by how much new is coming all the time.  This class is not a repeat of the previous hour.  It continues on to help you discover this amazing tool.
  D.  Indexing - by Loreta Whicker.  What a blessing you indexers are in the lives of the genealogist and those deceased!  It is you that makes it easier to find our family names and have success as we research.  Come learn how to index so that you, too, can experience the great Spirit of Elijah.

Classroom #4:  Record Groups and How To Use Them Efficiently - a bit more advanced classes
  A.  Scandinavian Research  by John and Linda Larsen.  There are a few things you will need to know as you look for your ancestors from Denmark, Sweden and other Scandinavian areas. This class will give you hints and sites that will help you along the way. A must attend for anyone searching these areas.  Once you learn the basics of researching from this class, you should be ready to get right in and start looking for records of your own.
  B. Filing Basics/Starting Right - by Dean Wood. A class that will bless the novices life, but also those who have found themselves needing some suggestions on how to make their storage work better for them.
 C.  It's Here:  The 1940 Census -  by Gordon and Carolyn Casper.  All census are a bit different and this one is a goldmine of information.  However, knowing a bit about how to maneuver through it will help you find your family and the information you seek. 
  D.  But I've Already Checked the Church Records!  by Gordon and Carolyn Casper.  Now where do I go?  Church records are often the most viewed records for information about life events but there are many other places you can look.  This class will focus on other resources available in the United States and England.

Classroom #5:  What's Next?  for the genealogist who is pretty comfortable and ready to branch out.

  A. The Hidden Resources of by Claire V Brisson-Banks. has much to offer everyone who visits, online databases, online classes, online help, discussion areas, a research wiki, blogs, tech tips, a catalog, guides to help one research and so much more. This live online session will step through FamilySearch and take a look at the often not noticed resources available to help locate one's ancestors.
  B. Genealogy & Family History – The Perfect Social Media by Claire V Brisson-Banks.  Web 2.0 provides the perfect way to record and share family history. Internet and mobile-based tools are everywhere. New technology strategies allow for harnessing a network of genealogy communities and locating long lost relatives. Online collaboration, instant communications, e-family histories, documents online and virtual environments bring genealogical research into the 21st century.
  C.  Urban Research:  My Guy Is Like a Needle In a Haystack! by Julie Hammond.   But, if you know the secrets to researching large cities you may find your ancestors listed every year with vocation and address.  Urban research made easier - come and learn how.
  D.  British Isle Research: by Julie Hammond.  Time to go across the pond and get your feet wet in England and surrounding area?  This is where you will want to start.  This class will alleviate much of the fear you may experience as you begin looking through British records in your search to find more.

Not taught but handouts included:  Deciphering Handwriting - by Vivian Rowlette.   If you have seen the transition of writing through the years, you will know that it is a bit difficult to read old script.  There are some great helps, that will be shared in this class, to help you be able to more easily read it.  Learning some of the basics taught here will be a blessed tool to possess.

The notes from these classes will be compiled in a syllabus and available for presale at about $5 each.  This will help you in class as you know which notes you need to take, and allow you to read through the information presented in other classes.  There will only be a few extra ordered so be sure and pre-order yours.  The information will also be available online on this blog after the conference.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Looking forward to the 3rd Annual Conference with our keynote speaker:
Glenn Rawson is a radio and television personality known for being the voice of the inspirational stories on the Sounds of Sunday program and for being the writer, producer and host of KJZZ Television's The Joseph Smith Papers and KSL Television's History of the Saints TV series.
Rawson was born in Idaho. He joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at age 18 and later served as a Mormon missionary in Iowa. He received a bachelors degree in wildlife and range management at Brigham Young University and later received a masters degree in educational administration from Idaho State University.
For several years Rawson was a full-time seminary and institute teacher. He was also a frequent speaker at various Especially For Youth sessions. In 1995 Rawson was recruited by a fellow ward member Carl Watkins to share stories on a radio program entitled Sounds of Sunday on KLCE. Syndication of this program began in 2005. A collection of inspirational stories by Rawson entitled In the Midst of Thee has also been published.
Rawson is currently working on a Ph.D. in political science and constitutional law.
Rawson and his wife, the former Debra Hemsley, are the parents of seven children.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

3rd Annual Family History Conference Planned

Planning is underway for the 3rd Annual Pahvant Family History Fair/Conference. It will be held in Delta, October 13, 2012 in the Delta High School.

We hope to have a series of classes for beginners and another for basic computer instruction.

Other suggestions have been Legacy, RootsMagic, England Research, Organizing hard copies of Genealogy, Specifics on different Record Types, Suggestions for writing a personal history, computer scrapbooking and keeping up with new technology. If you have any other suggestions please leave a comment on this post. We will be checking back.

Great Day in Fillmore

Now that the conference is over, we want to share a few photos of the events of the day. So many willing hands, and such great talent shared made the conference a huge success.

We appreciated the facilities and thought it worked very well for our conference.
Next year we will work harder at getting the Internet reliable for the classes. I believe this was the only real problem we found.

The displays couldn't have been nicer. Thank you to everyone who willingly shared their treasures with us. It was beautiful.

"Duane's" catered our lunch and we so appreciate their efforts. The Relief Society assisted and many comments were handed in saying how much they appreciated the "wonderful, quick meal". Thanks to all involved.

The classes were taught by very knowledgeable teachers, motivating and instructing. Thank you to all of them for the time and effort they put in to prepare for their presentations. Comments on the evaluation sheets said nothing but good about all of the instructors and their presentations. We were very blessed with great teachers again this year.

Thanks to all those that attended. We estimate we have about 225 in attendance with 20 classes to choose from throughout the day. It was hard not to be able to attend every class.

"Ask a Pro" was something new this year. Attendees came with questions
and were able to receive 'one-on-one' help and suggestions. This was a great addition to our conference.

A big "Thank-You" to the Fillmore Stake for hosting this year. They did a great job with their committee containing members of the three stakes involved.