Wednesday, January 20, 2016

FamilySearch Course by Michael Kennedy

Instructor:           Michael A. Kennedy
Program Manager
        I.            Description
a.       The ultimate aim with Church family history is to “to become Saviors on Mt. Zion.  We know that one of the primary tasks to achieve this is performing the saving ordinances we have received and enabling those who are deceased to have those same blessings especially those of our own family.  This course will help you to understand how to generate and print out your own temple cards.  In addition, how to check that the ordinance work has not been previously performed and removing duplicate records.
      II.            Organization
a.       This is a lecture course using a PowerPoint presentation demonstrating the process, tips, and what to watch out for.  The course will be interactive where you can present your real live questions and experiences.  The course is designed for beginners.
    III.            Topics
a.       How to navigate FamilySearch Ordinances and understand what you are seeing
b.      Where to check for Possible Duplicates and merge the duplicate record to your master record
c.       Understand where you find your reserved names and work within the reservation system from reserving names to printing temple cards.  I’ll demonstrate how to assign temple work to others (family members or the Church temple system).

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