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Where Do I Start? by Karen E. Chatland

Where do I start my Family History

Beginning Family History is rewarding and exciting as you build your Family Tree. Your discovery will begin by gathering information from home and family sources. You’re adventure will be in utilizing books, Family History Portals and valuable internet sites. Your reward is finding ancestors names and performing Temple ordinances for them.

I. Start with Me
* Whatever information you want to know about your ancestors some of your ancestors will want to know about you.

II. Gather Records/Resources
* Gather all information
* Organize in files or box

III. Home Resources
* Family Records, old photos, albums
* Diaries
* Personal Histories
* Birth, marriage, death certificates
* Family interviews

IV. Sort into Families
* Index folders
* File boxes
* Binders
* Universal list of names - alphabetical
* Color code list

V. Complete Pedigree & Family Group Sheets
* Register on or

Familysearch Family Tree
* Enter information gathered into nfs/fsft
* Create Fan Chart (www.create

VI. Where can I learn more?
* Online learning - Family Search
* Books & magazines
* Internet sites
* Family History centers - FH Portals

President Boyd K Packer
“Family history work has the power to do something for the dead. It has equal power to do something to the living. Family History work of church members has a refining, spiritualizing, tempering influence on those who are engaged in it…”

Getting Started
Begin your Family History with these basic steps

1. Write down what you know
Use an empty family group sheet or 5 generation pedigree chart to begin recording information regarding your family.
2. Look for missing Information
Examine information completed - what is missing? What intrigues’ you most? From this list choose a few goals or objectives to research.
3. Locate and Identify Sources
Learn what sources are available to aid you. Read articles, books, or listen to online seminars. Attend Family History classes.
4. Research
Begin looking for answers to your questions. Keep track of what you look at, including, author, title, call number and locations. Use a Research Log.
5. Analyze and Record new information
Add new information, including source identified.


Home Sources for Family History
Personal Records Everyday Life Military Service
Baby book Journal Service Records
Adoption Record Diary National Guard
Christening Record Biography Service Medals
Baptismal Record History Discharge Rec.
Wedding Announce. Letters Uniforms
Wedding Book Photographs
Marriage License Autograph Album
Anniversary Publications
Announcement Clippings
Obituary Scrapbooks
Funeral Book Achievement Awards
Wills Pension Records
Memorial Cards Income Tax Records
Family Records Identifying Documents
Bible Professional
Lineages Hunting/Fishing
Genealogies Firearms
Applications Drivers
Coat of Arms Motor Vehicle
School Naturalization Papers
Report cards Social Security Card
Graduation Diplomas Land and Property
Transcripts Deeds
Yearbooks Mortgages
Tax Notices
Financial Records
Household Items Health
Heirloom Items Hospital records
Dishes Medical Records
Silverware Immunization Records
Stitched Sampler Vaccination Records
Oral Histories

Questions for Interviewing
1. What is your full name?
2. When and where were you born?
3. What is your Mother’s name?
4. When and where was she born?
5. What memories do you have about her?
6. What is your Father’s name?
7. When and where was he born?
8. What memories do you have about him?
9. What are the full names of each of your siblings?
10. When and where were each of your siblings born?
11. What memories do you have of them?
12. What schools and colleges did you attend?
13. Whom did you marry?
14. How did you meet?
15. Where and when did you get married?
16. How did you meet?
17. Where did you live?
18. What are the names of your children?
19. When and where were your children born?
20. Whom did your children marry?
21. Where are your family members buried?
22. Did you or any of your relatives serve in the military?
23. Will you share some of their war stories with me?
24. Will you shoe me family photo albums?
25. Will you show me old letters, journals, or diaries?
26. Will you show me old recipes?
27. Did anyone write stories about the family?
28. Has anyone ever done family history research?
29. Will you show me any old documents, or newspaper clippings?
30. Is there an old family Bible?
31. What was your occupation and your spouses?
32. What did you do for fun at Grandma’s/Grandpa’s House?
33. What did you do with your cousins?
34. What were your family traditions for Holidays?
35. Where did you go for vacations?

Where to Find Books
Online Books
1. or
If you have Mormon ancestors incredible site to search. Free sign-in. If
you have signed into nFS it will automatically search your online pedigree
from nFS for matches.
They have over 100,000 genealogies and local histories.
They have 60,000 genealogies and local histories.
4. They have 50,000 genealogies, searchable
And copied as in google books.
5. Heritage Quest
6. open
Goal of one page for every book. Search by locality.
Listing of books, searchable by surname.
Itemizes the collections of 71,000 libraries in 112
Countries. Search by title, author, surname, or keyword.

Book Sellers
1. - Publisher of books, and reprints of old
Or out of print books.
2. - Searches 130 online book sellers
3. all - Searches book stores.

Research Checklist
Name _______________________________________
Birth______________ Location___________________
Marriage___________ Location___________________
Death_____________ Location___________________

US Census Records
1790_____________ 1870______________________
1800_____________ 1880______________________
1810_____________ 1890______________________
1820_____________ 1900______________________
1830_____________ 1910______________________
1840_____________ 1920______________________
1850_____________ 1930______________________
1860_____________ 1940______________________

Birth Records Death Records
Certificate_________ Certificates_________________
Baptism___________ Funeral Home_______________
Christened_________ Cemetery___________________
Adoption__________ Gravestone__________________

Marriage Records Military Records
Certificate__________ Branch of Service____________
License____________ Enlistment card______________
Newspaper_________ Wars fought_________________
Divorce decree______ Pension_____________________

Other Records
SS#______________ City directories_______________
Church Mem________ Voting Records_______________
Family Bible________ Tax Lists____________________
Passenger List______ Court Records________________
Immigration________ Children’s Vital Records________

Probate Records Land Records
Wills_______________ Deeds______________________
Property_____________ Abstracts___________________
Guardianship_________ Plat/County map_____________
Estate sales__________ Land Grants_________________

State/County Census
Agriculture, Mortality, & Slave Schedules
Other Sources/Information

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