Sunday, September 15, 2002

Genealogy Rules - Sister Manja Midgley

Basic Information:
Record the Source for each item of information!

1. What’s in a name?
What is included in “Given Name” or “Surname” information?
What is to be done when complete information is not available?
For a woman, what surname is used? What if she had multiple marriages?
What IS the correct spelling?

2. What is done with titles, military ranks or title suffixes?

3. What if I can’t determine the correct gender?

4. How are dates correctly entered?

What if you can’t find an exact date?
What is meant by “christening date” and why is it important?

5. Why the fuss about a location?
How important is the “when” in recording a location?
Why are there locations with only spaces and commas?
What is the location if the place is out in unincorporated places?
How and where is a burial location recorded?

6. What are “Timeline Events?
Are they really necessary?

7. What are “Genealogical Proof Standards?”

Are there “Rules” for sharing information?

8. I’ve found a source and recorded it. Am I done yet?

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