Sunday, September 15, 2002

Basic Computer Class - Carol Meinhardt

I will be using Microsoft Word to demonstrate various functions that will help as type your life story and download family history from the Internet.

The class will include:
 Save a document to a storage device; open a document from a storage device.

 Formatting: change fonts, Bold, italics, and underline, Format painter, Bullets and numbers, Tabs, indents, and alignments, Cut, copy, and paste

 Insert: Pictures, clipart, shapes, page numbers, textboxes, wordart, dropcap, symbols, headers and footers.

 Page Layout: Margins, columns, watermark, page color and borders, text wrapping, group, rotate, bring front, send to back

 Spell and Grammar

 Internet: Using a search engine to find information about ancestors and family crest.

 Sending attachments with an email message

 Question and answer period.

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