Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Secret Code

Genealogists have their own lingo and we tend to ramble on using this "secret code" without blinking an eye or realizing that the person they are talking to might not understand what they are saying. This is the code to some of the things genealogists are using.

AF = Ancestral File
AFN = Ancestral File Number
BEPS = Baptism, Endowment, Sealed to Parents, Sealed to Spouse
BIC = Born in the Covenant
BMD = Birth, Marriage, Death
FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions
FHC = Family History Center
FS = Family Search
FSBeta = Family Search Beta
GEDCOM - Format for easily sharing data
GSU - Genealogical Society of Utah - partnered with FHC on many projects
IGI = International Genealogical Index
MRIN - Computer generated number for marriage
NEW.FS = New Family Search
Ordinance Index = List of temple work already provided up to July 2009.
PAF = Personal Ancestral File
Pedigree Resource File - a program instigated after the Ancestral file was closed.
PERSI = Periodical Source Index
RIN - Computer generated number for individuals
Temple Ready - is now replaced by new.familysearch. It means checking the IGI and new.familysearch for ordinances already done.
TIB = Temple Index Bureau
URL = Uniform Resource Locator = website address

B = birth
M = marriage
D = death
Bu = burial
Chr = Christening [not LDS blessing]

Class taught by Allyson H. Wood, Jan 2009

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